Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

Developed by Renco, DocuLinx is a universal, web-based electronic document management system (EDMS). The system makes clients' electronic documents easily accessible to an unlimited number of simultaneous, authorized users worldwide via Internet Explorer. DocuLinx employs object-level security: users can be given access to all documents on the system, to just one, or to any number in between. The system's audit trails track all users, types of information accessible to each user, transactions completed by each user, and transaction date and time. State-of-the art security features such as a Linux-based firewall, secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, randomized single transaction keys, and randomized file names protect clients' documents from hackers.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

President Barack Obama has recently championed the idea of electronic medical records (EMRs) saying that they will improve Americans health care while lowering its cost. Renco anticipated the need for a more streamlined method of keeping medical records years ago and designed DocuLinx to include a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant EMR system. To date, Renco has developed over 25 fully customizable medical forms and is always creating more based on our clients' needs. DocuLinx also has a Schedule tool that allows clients to better organize appointments and more efficiently check in patients.

Personal Health Records (PHR)

DocuLinx allows individuals to store and update their own health information. Our PHR solution was designed using an electronic medical record format and provides users the ability to share their information as they see fit.

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Virtual Office

There are an estimated 11 million telecommuters in the United States today and that number is increasing by 15% each year. Allowing your employees to work from home has many benefits including lowering your overhead and increased employee satisfaction. However, the cost of installing the necessary equipment such as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) is prohibitive for many companies. Fortunately, DocuLinx is the perfect application for telecommuting. Office documents can be securely uploaded, downloaded, and stored by employees at home and at the office. Managers and colleagues can coordinate meetings and workflow via the system's Schedule tool.

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Virtual Classes

Experts predict that nearly half of all high school courses will be available online by the year 2019. Much in the same way that DocuLinx lends itself to the establishment of virtual offices, the system can also be used to create virtual classes. Teachers can upload lesson plans, classroom material, homework assignments, and video files of their lectures. Students can use DocuLinx to access class material, turn in homework, coordinate group projects, and watch their teachers' lectures. Schools can also benefit from virtual classes administered through DocuLinx. Virtual classes allow schools to broaden their curriculums, reach students that cannot attend school, and reduce operating costs.

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Virtual Safe

DocuLinx can serve as a virtual safe for your important documents such as medical records, insurance policies, passport information, and car and house titles. The system protects your documents from natural or man-made disasters. Documents can be uploaded to DocuLinx, securely stored, and accessed wherever, whenever via Internet Explorer. Users can grant temporary or permanent access to their documents to other people.

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